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With universal design, a workplace is transformed to one that allows all people to thrive.

This is regardless of their physical ability.

We help remove the barriers that prevent workers and visitors from accessing a workplace. Our passionate and dedicated team will transform a workplace to conform to provincial standards on accessibility.

Barrier free renovations can be performed on building features such as the following:

  • paths of travel, such as entrances/exits, hallways, doorways,  staircases and elevators
  • washrooms, such as adding grab bars and modifying toilets and sinks
  • electrical, such as installing easier-to-use switches
  • flooring, to make it slip-resistant

Our certified specialists cooperate with expert designers to achieve a look that compliments a workplace  — all the while making sure that it is safe and nurturing, not dangerous and difficult.

Adhering to principles of safety and universal design will support a welcoming and healthier workplace for all.

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