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Extended Use Solutions and Project Design

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No two situations are alike

However, adhering to principles of safety and universal design will support a longer and healthier life at home, where you were meant to be.

Home modifications, whether referred to as Aging in Place, Living in Place, or Universal design, the premise is the same – solutions allowing you to live more comfortably and safely in your own home. At BlueZoneHome we work with you to ensure extended enjoyment of your home with WholeHome™ Aging In Place Renovations.

We look at your whole home and eliminate all barriers so you can stay and thrive.

Design criteria includes where possible, but is not limited to:

General Design

  • Open floor plan with minimal obstruction
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Use of colour to aid with depth perception
  • No-step entry
  • Handrails on both sides of stairs
  • Wider doorways (36”min) and hallways (42”min)
  • Electrical outlets 24” min. off ground, light switches 48” max. from ground
  • No throw rugs (tripping hazard)
  • Lever-style door handles


  • Low-profile bed (20”-23” from floor to top of mattress)
  • Proper height nightstands
  • Bedside phone
  • Adequate clearance around bed
  • Closet lighting


  • Raised toilet height
  • Personal hygiene toilet seat
  • Grab bars near toilet and in bath/shower
  • Zero-step shower entry
  • Shower seat
  • Handheld showerhead
  • Anti-slip coating in bath and on floors


  • Appropriate sink height and depth
  • Hands-free faucet
  • Front-mounted cooktop controls
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Pull-out pantry access
  • Easy access cabinet and drawers
  • Hardware pulls versus knobs
  • Counter height microwave

We are committed to designing and creating a home in which you can live without barriers. We want you to thrive!

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